About Project:


CGPP India Secretariat:

The CORE Group Polio Project is a multi-country, multi-partner initiative providing financial support and on-the ground technical guidance and support to strengthen host country efforts to eradicate polio. A U.S secretariat serves as a global partnership liaison and provides overall technical assistance and financial management in each country to maximize and harmonize resources and coordinate collaboration among partners. CORE Group members form and staff an in-country secretariat- a small team of neutral, technical advisors, independent from any one implementing partner. The Secretariat team facilitates communication, coordination, and transparent decision-making among all partners-unifying the community-level expertise of I NGOs and local NGOs with the international knowledge and strategies of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI) partners. A three-tier network of CGPP mobilizers effectively sustains the changed behavior of the target audience. This incredible achievement is the result of years of relentless efforts by every partner working to fight polio in India. As a valuable partner, CGPP India has contributed significantly to the polio-eradication efforts by targeting high-risk and hard-to-reach populations, including disabled families, Muslim communities, seasonal workers, and migrant groups. CGPP works in 56 Blocks of 11 high-risk districts in Uttar Pradesh, reaching annually more than 21 million under 15 years old.

About Team:

1. Community Mobilization Coordinators (CMCS): Each CMC is responsible for mobilizing about 500 households, including holding community meetings, bringing local influential people to home visits, and holding health camps. Each CMC maintains immunization status records for all of the under five children in their assigned areas and for those participating in vaccination campaigns.

2. Block Mobilization Coordinators (BMCs): Each BMC is responsible for social mobilization activities at the block level and overseeing and leading the CMCs.

3. District Mobilization Coordinators (DMCs): Each DMC is responsible for supervising the BMCs and conducting social mobilization activities throughout the district.

Functional Areas

Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh