Collectivization - Formation of Adolescent Groups

‘Empowering Adolescent Girl’ also known as ‘EAG’ is a hig

Apart from the above; identification and capacity building of local youth (both male and female) as Cluster Incharge (CI) and Resource Centre Facilitator (RCF) is the key feature of this project.


EAG model brings the agenda of adolescent girls to the forefront in community; improves their life situation and create multi-dimensional impacts on the following impact indicators.


  • Improved health status of adolescent girls
  • Improved nutritional status of adolescent girls
  • Decrease in drop out at high school and intermediate levels
  • Skilled and engaged adolescent girls 
  • Educated and confident adolescent girls
  • Adolescent girls realizing their basic entitlements and rights
  • Increased involvement of adolescent girls in decision making in family
  • Enabling environment for the well being of adolescent girls
  • The communities identifies and prevents the cases of early marriage
  • The community identifies and addresses cases of violence against adolescents
  • Improved delivery of health and education services


Project Intervention Cycle:


‘EAG’ project model used the following logical sequence/stages in project cycle of last three years.

         i.            Identification of frontline workers from the local community.

       ii.            Mapping out the vulnerable adolescent girls from the marginalized communities-Dalit & most backward and setting –up implementation baseline.

      iii.            Collectivization and mobilization of adolescent girls and their parents on the issues

     iv.            Running village level resource centres as inclusive space and ‘convergence service’ model to provide information, knowledge, needful inputs and services for the holistic empowerment of adolescent girls-health, nutrition, education and human rights

       v.            Investing /capacity building on leadership development in adolescent girl leaders

     vi.            Sensitization of GP, block and district level govt. functionaries

    vii.            Engaging adolescent girls leaders with local governance systems and govt machinery for the rigorous advocacy on issues of entitlements and human rights.


At Present:


  • Alumnae AGs are having session at their Resource Centre.   
  • Now the adolescent girls are engaging to have residential (hostel) skill development trainings through ITI (Diesel Mechanic, welder), DDU-GKY, RSETI and other organization’s relevant activity.
  • They also engaged with district stadium to playing cricket and Kabaddi as their career.

Functional Areas

Taarun Block, Ayodhya (Faizabad), UP