Integrated Child Development

The cycle of poverty disproportionately impacts the rightful opportunities and capabilities of children to grow and experience life. In its approach to development PANII places rights of children at the centre stage and make efforts to enable them to break the cycle of denial and patterns of discrimination. Through various initiatives, we make efforts to improve their health, increase their nutrition, reduce mortality and morbidity, provide better learning opportunities, and remove the limitations to poor or no education. The objective is to ensure that children – both girls and boys - grow up and live in a safe and enabling environment where all are respected, protected and empowered against various forms of abuse and exploitation. Through its various programes, PANI is directly reaching to 13680 boys and 12651 girls.

Some of the initiatives of PANI for promotion of child development are –

  • Children and adolescents between age group 12-18 years are collectivised at four tiers: BalJagritiManch at village level, BalVikasSamiti at panchayat level, BalJagritiSangh at cluster level and Bal Jagriti Mahasangh at block level. Children are sensitised on rights of a child and issues around them such as those concerning cleanliness in village, sanitation and hygiene, functioning of schools, functioning of gram sabha etc. They identify the relevant issues, and steps to be taken for addressing those. They collective decide the agenda and means for spreading awareness and advocacy.Children have been provided trainings on various forms of expression such as writing stories, composing news items, writing poetry, expression through cartoon, rawings, conducting plays, personality development etc, They are also sensitinsed on rights of a child.

  • Bal Jagriti Mahasangh also brings out a monthly news-letter called ‘BalJagaran’. Children look at the things around them and creatively express their views on those issues. The efforts that children take to bring about a change also become a part of newsletter. The newsletter serves as a medium of dialogue between children and other community members including their parents.
  • There are 53 Child Resource Centres functioning at village levels. These are physically located in public spaces that are identified collaboratively with the community and are owned and managed by children of BalJagritiManch. Children organise regular meetings and discussions on issues around them and practice creative skills.
  • Children between age 6-12 years are collectivised as Bal Sansad. With support of school management they organise games, health awareness campaign, creative competitions and regular discussions on relevant issue.
  • Specific groups of adolescent girls are also functioning for developments of specific life skills, continuing education, and personal hygiene.