SATHI - A Network of Civil Society Organisations

PANI hosts a network of Civil Society Organisation called ‘Supporting Association for Thematic and Holistic Initiatives’ -Uttar Pradesh or SATHI –UP. It is a platform for promoting mutual dialogue, friendship and cooperation among the Civil Society organisations (CSOs) working at the grassroots. We believe that wider changes can be brought about through mutual dialogue and cooperation among Civil Society Organisations.

While working with the grassroots CSOs, it has established itself as an outfit for the promotion of volunteerism and professionalism among the member CSOs. SATHI regularly conducts trainings and workshops to develop thoughts and capacities of the member organisations – both on institutional development as well as on their emerging issues of poverty and underdevelopment in the region. Another explicit aim of the SATHI-UP is to develop accountability and transparency within the voluntary sector.

It informally started its operations in 1992 but got formally registered in 2004. At present 392 civil society organizations of 40 districts in Uttar Pradesh are members of SATHI and there are district level forums functioning in all these districts.

SATHI is also implementing a few development programmes on women empowerment and integrated development through its member organisations. Since Bundelkhand region is particularly characterised by absence of effective CSOs, SATHI, in partnership with Sir Dorabji Tata Trust and Mahatma Gandhi Gramodaya University, Chitrakoot has initiated an ambitious programme of selecting the postgraduate students from the university and placing them with local organisations so as to build the capacity of both the selected students as well as the partner organizations.

SATHI is continuously striving to play a stronger role in catalysing the development of the region through its member organisations. More for information visit - .