The Beginning

People's Action for National Integration-PANI was founded in 1986 by a prominent and devoted Gandhian activist –Paras Bhai. Born and brought up in a village of district Faizabd, in his adolescence he was inspired by the Sarvodaya thoughts of Gandhi and Vinoba. The basic elements that defines Sarvodaya is the universal welfare and the integrated development of all – irrespective of class, caste, gender, colour, religion, race. Sarvodaya thought of integrated rural reconstruction looks at the various social, political, economic and cultural aspects of society in totality – as they relate to each other. Guided by these principles, Late Shri Paras Bhai learnt rural development in the close association of Shri Dhirendra Majumdar and spent a large part of his life with tribals and the poorest in Bihar and Orissa.

In 1980s, when the region was inflicted by communal violence in the clamour of building the Ram temple in Ayodhya, he felt the urge to do something in his native region – the erstwhile district of Faizabad in Uttar Pradesh. Consequentially, People’s Action for National Integration (PANI) was founded in 1986 by Paras Bhai and some of his fellow Gandhians – Avadhesh Bhai, Bam Bhai and Saraswati Bahan.

Currently, PANI is working in 20 districts (both directly and with network partners) of Eastern Uttar Pradesh for empowering the community, with special focus on issues that affect women and children.